Technical Analysis Trading Course

Technical Analysis Trading Course

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Course Overview

The course is specifically designed for learning technical analysis. It contains four sections starting from Japanese Candlestick Patterns which is one of the oldest and most reliable technical analysis methods discovered in the 17th century by a Japanese Farmer.

The second section focuses on advanced concepts that you need to learn to move forward into the world of technical analysis. In this section, you will learn the market structure, understand the trending markets along with the concept of support and resistance.

In the third section, you will learn to use the majority of the available technical indicators such as pivot points, Bollinger bands, etc. By learning these indicators not only you will improve your analysis skill but you would also be able to analyze the market from a  whole different perspective.

Finally, in the fourth section, you will learn to analyze the market using Western Chart Patterns which is also known to be one of the reliable methods of technical analysis.

The course is designed by professional traders with years of experience. By taking this course, you will be one step closer to becoming a successful trader.



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