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The A.I. Trading Technology algorithm uses a proprietary neural network that analyzes the market depth and looks for patterns of pre-set mathematical models (such as fractals, EMAs, Harmonic waves, and Fibonacci) that allows it to understand and forecast the marketĀ“s trends on a real-time basis.

While machine learning may be a relatively new term for the financial industry, neural networking is well recognized, particularly in quants. The model is a short-term volatility break-out driven system, that applies strict risk management principles, all of which have been thoroughly back-tested. Within milliseconds, our system can choose the most appropriate strategy.

Why Use Our Technical Algos?

Increase Your Winning Rate

Our Technical Algos will greatly improve your winning ratio and increase your profits

Algos For Any Style of Trading

Whether you are a day trader, swing trader or a scalper we have all the Algos to meet your requirements.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Our Algos will instantly alert you whenever there is a trading opportunity available in the market.

Our Algos Eliminate the Guess Work

No More Guess work. Now with our algos will reinforce ever buy and sell signal you get.



Buy and Sell Signals

Our Technical Trading Algos use mathematical equations and provide you the best trading signals

Automatic Trend Lines

Say goodbye to the hassle of drawing manual trend lines. Our Algos will automatically do it for you.

Support & Resistance

Avoid the hassle of finding support and resistance levels. Our algo will automatically do that for you

Breakout Trade Signals

Our Technical Algos automatically monitors a squeeze and alerts when a breakout takes place

Flexible Pricing Plans

Swing Trader Algo


Free 14 Days Trial

Scalpper/Day Trading Algo


Free 14 Days trial

Investor/Portfolio Algo

$99/Life Time

Lifetime Access when to All Three Algos


What our clients say


Amazing Algos

One of the best technical Algos available in the markets. I subscribed for their investors and since then my account has doubled.

Thank You arbtradersignals

I like to thank Arbtradersignals for making these algos. I was able to recover my losses quickly and now consistantly making profits

One of the Best Trading Tools

The swing trading algo is one of the kind. I hav been loving this technical Algo from day one. The signals are genuine and carry over 85% success rate.


Frequently Asked Questions

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You can access the Algos from platform.

Yes! we provide support to all over customers. You can send us an email to

Send us your email address after the purchase and we will immediate give you the access.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. However, if you do not cancel you will be charged after 14 days free trial

You will get lifetime access to all three algos.