Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test your system first with a demo account?

Yes, sure you can do that. You can get 14-day trial for EOD signals  and test it on your demo account with no risk. Or follow us in our Facebook group and twitter feed for intraday signals.

Could I also change stop loss and/or take profit of the trades that came from you?

Yes it is possible to use your own stop loss but it is not recommended and disabled by default. Even if the trade is +350 pips profit we will wait for the either SL or TP to be hit .

Could I use my own broker platform?

Yes ofourse as long as they allow pending orders and order expiry time this should not be a problem .

Do you keep trades open over the weekend?

All EOD trades are kept open over the weekend and sometimes longer then a week, until they hit TP or SL.

We always recommend Intraday trades to be closed out manually Friday before market close.

how are your EOD signals generated and why do can you only send emails at 00:15 GMT

Our EOD trading signals are generated off the daily price bars after the trading day has finished. This is why are signals are sent after right after the daily Close at 00:15 GMT every day .

If I ever need to shut my computer off, what happens to all these trades or orders that are opened at the moment?

Both the order and trades will stay open and trades details ( order price.SL.TP,expiry) is sent to the broker and handled by them . So if your account goes offline unexpectedly all positions are secured.

Is there a way to copy your trading signals without being infront of my PC.

This feature is only available for  EOD trades and can be found in the Auto Trading page . This will only work with MT4 and a piece FREE software called Local Trade Copier. Your PC will need to be on and running during the times that the orders are sent . Send us an email if you require more information regarding VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

Is your trading strategy still working exactly as you think it should be and that you are confident that it will continue to do so?

Yes, it works the way it should. We all know that every month won’t be a profit. If it happens that you see our EOD system in a drawdown, personally I think it’s the best time to invest and start trading . After each profitable period a drawdown will always come and then after that we always expect a profitable period again. History tells us that it should start to go up now and we all know that drawdowns are not avoidable.

Should I worry about the economic news releases? Do you open trades prior to news?

When trading EOD you should not worry about the news or anything else as are trades are created as pending orders at midnight (London UK time). We always suggest avoid trading intraday during all news macro news events . ECO calendar can be found inside members area.

What does EA stand for?

EA means Expert Advisor, also known as a Trading Robot. This is a special application for the MT4 platform to receive trading signals from our account.

What is your max number of trades sent in email ?

Max open trades can be 8 and on average there can be 5-6 trades open at the same time. If the Market is trending exceptionally well then we can have all 8 currency pairs alert us however depending on your risk tolerance are you decide not to take all the trades.

What pairs do you trade on the Standard Currencys package ?


Will your signals take ever take a hedge position .

The only time we trade the same pair twice in opposites direction is if we believe then trend has changed . We do not consider this as a hedge trade rather more we treat it like a new position.


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